Friday, November 6, 2009

Ethnic Barbies

just found these two gals from the ETHNIC Barbie Series, some of the last (and definitely some of the BEST!) few made by RICHWELL Corp, Philippines! Though there were about 7 different styles (not too sure now!) I remember keeping these two for myself as I really love the intricate work on their costumes... so much more work and detailing than the others...

The dolls were made for the Philippine market but we all know, they were much more appreciated by adult collectors worldwide... these two represents 2 of the various Ethnic Groups that inhabits the Philippines - a nation of many, many islands...


  1. I really like costume. I find them toooo cute.

  2. In the U.S., Manika has some of the Richwell Barbies for sale.

    I don't know any overseas sellers with those dolls.

  3. @ Neil - for me who grew up in the US - and did not know much about the Philippine culture - these dolls are TRULY EXOTIC... even now, I still feel the same for them... and well made, in my opinion...