Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kenji N Auden : Episode 2

Auden: "Hey Bae..  What's Up?"
Kenji: "thanks for coming out, Hon..  Thought we'd go for a ride..."

Auden: "is that a new helmet?"

Kenji: "You like it?"
Auden: "Kawaii!!!"

Kenji: "btw Hon..  Got you something.."
Auden: "Really!!!  What for???
Not my BDay...  Not our Anniversary?"
Kenji: "just a little Thank You for the Tuxedo Sam bjd you recently gave me..."

Auden: "OMG!!!  This is just too cool!!
Kenji: "So you like it?"

Auden: "are you kidding me?  I LOVE IT!!!"
Kenji: *Smiles*😃😃😃

Auden: "Thanks so much, Bae! I love you."
Kenji: "love you too, Hon!

Kenjie: "so let's take a Saturday ride.. You all set."
Auden: "all set and excited...  Drive on... This is gonna be a fun weekend!!"
To Be Continued....

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