Saturday, July 11, 2015

OOAK Susie Dolls at IFDC 2015

Once more IFDC Convention is upon us, and as with the previous years, R&D Dolls collaborated with some of PNN, Philippines' talents to offer the convention goers stunning OOAK Susie dolls - all in the name if charity, of course!

Keeping with these year's convention theme, Broadway Musicals, our talented friends from PNN, reworked and tweaked much loved musicals, work their magic on Susie, and reinvented the iconic looks we have chosen to represent.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in no particular order, we present to you all
Susie as some of your Broadway Musical fave!!!
ANNIE by Anj Calvo

CHICAGO by PoleThor
Birds of Paradise from La Cage Aux Folles
 by Pole Thor

Anna of The King and I The House of Garcia
Hair & Make Up by Art Ryan

The Lion King by Marc Vandro
2 Doll Set

BELLE  from Beauty and the Beast
by The House of Garcia
       Hair & Make Up by Art Ryan
WICKED by Miles Agullo

Rock Of Ages by Pole Thor
DREAMGIRLS by The House of Kivan
Eva Peron from EVITA by The House of Garcia
Hair & Make Up by Art Ryan
SPECIAL THANKS for our dear friend, Cholo Ayuyao who graciously provided the box packaging to showcase the dolls more...  as well as capturing each and everyone of the dolls.


  1. Lovely selection of OOAK Susies. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks D7ana!!! Always happy to share!!!!