Monday, July 20, 2015

"Royal Matinee"

Introducing [K]'s 2nd design for 16' Fashion Dolls : "Royal Matinee".  
And this design is made XClusively for R&D, of course!!!  
This fashion is Limited to 6 Sets Only - Don't Miss Out!!!
A sexy Silhouette is revealed upon taking off her cape.
Each set comes with a Sexy Sheath Dress of Chinese Silk Brocade, 
a cape and turban in matching Royal Blue Chinese Silk Brocade.

"Royal Matinee" Fashion
Release Date: Mid August 2015
Ordering Deadline: July 31st, 2015
Retail Price: US$35.00.00 per set
Deposit US$10.00 per set
Do Remember, an order is Not an order till Deposit is Received!
Pls email is with your order here:


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