Saturday, July 18, 2015

Midas Touch Poppy

Once in a while a doll comes along and you know right away you just gotta have - and Midas Touch Poppy is such a doll...   for sure!!! 
Having limited allocations to offer my Integrity Toys line of dolls, I normally end up with none for myself....   I figured, if I can make just one more person HAPPY - why not?   Of course, through the years, I have regretted losing out a few of the dolls and have even look through the secondary market to get them...  most though goes up in price soooo fast due to their limitedness, I end up losing altogether... But as I always say, Ces't La Vie....  there will always be new dolls to come...
After seeing this doll though, right from the promo pictures, I knew I MUST HAVE ONE!!!   And am soooo Happy that I overcame my own guilt and put myself down for one of the few allocated to me.  She is even more beautiful in person!  Poppy in this skin tone is just Fabulous and for this special doll to come out styled and dressed the way she is - TRULY GOLDEN.  A TREASURE TO KEEP, INDEED!!!
It took 23 minutes to put them on - whew!!!
Sure is worth it though!


  1. Wow, she is gorgeous. I might regret not getting her. I don't know if I could deal with her footwear though. 23 minutes to put them on?! I am afraid my arthritic hands would prohibit me from getting them on! Good that you have the patience!

  2. Phyllis - I highly reccomend her... never mind the footwear... I have actually read of others taking close to an hour to get them on... so am not complaining anymore, Hahahahahahaha....

  3. She's beautiful! I missed out on her!

  4. She's beautiful! I missed out on her!