Thursday, July 30, 2009

Presenting: Dynamite Girls Boogie Beach Collection

Add COLORS to your doll collecting with the newest Dynamite Girls Collection: "Boogie Beach Collection"These colorful cuties are ready for the beach in fantastic summer fashions and accessories in all shades of the rainbow! Sporting vibrant peek-a-boo swimsuits capped with coordinating-trim baseball jackets, these girls are the epitome of summer chic. Accessories include a variety of summer essentials, ranging from colorful platform shoes and sunglasses to clear beach totes with rainbow trim. Long summer days on the beach have given Gavin freckles for the first time and many of the Boogie Beach girls have a brand new facial screening never previously used!
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  1. hi, will there be anymore Dynamite Girl Susie(s) in the (near) future?

  2. Sigh ... such bright colors. Wish I had funds and space enough to get them all.

  3. I will get TJ, Jasper, Gavin, Rufus! Damn I want them all! :)