Sunday, July 19, 2009

Feeling Fierce Dani

This morning I got in my INBOX photos of what my friend, James Griffen made out of his older FR stands.... am sure you will think of it INGENIOUS and COOL, as well... but through his photos, I also got to appreciate even more Canada's Exclusive Dynamite Girl, Feeling Fierce Dani. He had photographed her very well posing with the hand-made chair... I think her face is quite versatile - one that will look well in HAUTE COUTURE or CASUAL clothing... so you betcha, I got mine out of her box right away.... (PHOTO CREDITS: Left from Integrity Toys; BELOW from James Griffen) Thank You James for your photos - am even GLADDER now that I was able to get a few of her to offer through our shop - as well as, get one for my very own collection.

For Feeling Fierce Dani & other Dynamite Girls PLS CLICK HERE


  1. Jaw drops. She is gorgeous. I like her paint job better than the same mold as T.J. I hope that I can find her once I back to work. Thanks for sharing these extra photos of her. What a beautiful doll!

  2. yeah, I ahve seen photos of her now in different clothings and am really loving her versatility....