Monday, July 20, 2009

DG POP SUSIE: Collectors' Photos

Been enjoying seeing photos of DG POP Susie by collectors from all over... showcasing a few of my FAVES here (some I could not SAVE as they are protected - so better follow the link to see them, too).... you can see them and more in the DYNAMITE GIRLS Flickr Group. LINK HEREPHOTO CREDITS: L to R.
Top Row: barbigirl, Nina Victor, marketchow
Middle Row: vince anthony, pole thor, marikah
Bottom Row: astrogirl01, my scene junkie, girlplanet100

-and my own photos of DG POP SUSIE - PLS CLICK HERE


  1. YEY! She is really Beautiful! :)

  2. POLE... thanks for the comment... much appreciated.... i really love the sexy way you took Susie's photo....

  3. Thanks for posting my photo!
    Susie is a great model! ;)