Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dolly Time!!!

Okie Dokie - been asked enough times that am breaking down... am FINALLY starting a BLOG to highlight all the dolls that comes the R&D way: Susie, Angels, Mensajero, Momoko, FR, Nikki & Odeco-chan, Jenny, and many many more... We will keep you current on Upcoming & New Releases, Magazines, Pictorials, LINKS of Interests, etc.... So pls STAY TUNED and SUBSCRIBE so as to not miss out on the latest NEWS & Photos of your Favorite Dolls.
More Soon,


  1. Hi Rudi! I am very excited about your blog. Susie is adorable and I am tickled with mine!

    I cannot wait for new info about your wonderful dollies. Any new Angels or Mensajeros soon? My family of 21 needs new brothers and sisters. LOL! I told you that I adored the Angels and I wasn't joking! :D


  2. Hiya Michelle.... WOW 21!!!! not a lot at all.... hahahahahaha..... am looking for a NIRVANA HONEY for you....

  3. YAY! Always on the lookout for Angels. :) Ask anyone. Hahahahahah.