Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Weekend to you all!!!

WIth the Summer Weekend upon us once again - I wish to share with you DG POP Susie, enjoying her Summer Holiday in Warssw, Poland... courteasy of her host, Bogna... she shared some of Susie's Beach getaway phtoos in her blog, I LOVE THAT DOLLThe Blog is in Polish but nevermind if you cannot understand or read Polish - there's plenty of beautifully photographed dolls in her blog.... Plus, as we all know, DOLL COLLECTING transcends language, color and everything else...Hope you & your dollies are enjoying the Summer Days!!!


  1. Lovely photo of Susie reclining on the beach. Thanks for sharing!

  2. She is adorable! She is loving the Southern US heat as well down here in Tennessee! :) The girl travels well!


  3. i just love Susie!!!! it's already rainy here in the Philippines, but Susie is already geared up for the rainy days (",)

  4. Hi :-))
    I am so glad (and proud) you liked Susie photos :-))
    best wishes